Friday, February 5, 2010

MIDI Controller Neoprene Sleeve with 3-Sided Zipper

That's right! I finally found a laptop neoprene sleeve that fits my needs for the Stanton SCS.3 System (2 3D's and 1 3M). I bought the Shoreline 15.4" black neoprene sleeve (second picture below), but there was a similar model with a handle and more rugged exterior available (seen to the right). They are both $35-40 from Mori Luggage & Gifts. The bag to the right can be found here.

The other bag, which is what I bought, can be found here. What's special about these sleeves is that they zip up on 3 sides, allowing you to simply unzip the cover and fold it back and begin playing. You don't have to pull the controller out.. just unzip it and go! Then when you want to keep dust off it, just fold the top back over it. This cover works PERFECT for the Stanton SCS.3 system because it keeps all the unit together in one piece. You can literally pick it up with one hand like a pizza pan, and all three units stay together solid as a rock. It's a really good fit for this controller, and it keeps all the dust off your touch-pads.

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