Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adhesive Foam Pads in the Kids Art section

My good old american made plywood & cardboard desk is falling into a sinkhole of its own. In normal words, there's no support in the middle of the desk and it's beginning to bend inwards. So that's causing my keyboard and my midi controllers to rock around when I press their buttons. It didn't irritate me that bad until I got my Akai pad controller. When I press on a pad, the unit rocks back and forth (making an annoying sound).

So I went to Walmart last night to try to find a solution. I looked at foam pads, looked for rubber tape, removable adhesives... everything in the tape, crafts, and picture hanging sections! I couldn't find anything! Just before I was about to give up.. I walked down the children's art section. Wow, what did I find here? Darice Foamies "no messy glue.. acid free.. just peel and stick!" stickers! I laughed at first, thinking.. wouldn't that be something if I put these little kids foam stickers on my equipment?

Then I noticed they had a package made in shapes of footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, and soccerballs. They're a little less than 1/8" thick, and they are about 1 inch in diameter. Perfect for my uses! The little volleyball stuck right onto the bottom of my Akai MDP24 pad controller's existing pad. Now it doesn't rock at all!!! I'll be saving these for many uses to come. I'm sure some cabinets could use some of these (after cutting them up).

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