Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LIVE from Serato!

Ableton and Serato have formed a partnership to create one software that (hopefully) does it all! Well, it won't do everything... but it certainly will be something new to build on! (Source: .)

Ableton is famous for their on-the-spot music production with LIVE! and Scratch is famous for its digital vinyl emulation for Live DJs. Ableton is more of an automated studio process, whereas Serato is more of a manual process. Both require skill to make good music of course. I consider Ableton to require more planning, whereas Serato is more about going with the flow of the music (and some planning of course).

It will be interesting to see how their new product competes with Native Instruments Traktor. If I hear anything about the new software from NAMM 2010, I will be posting it here.

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